Ring the cliché police – there’s a ‘cougar’ on the loose!



I’m always surprised that, in this era of so-called gender equality, (unless of course you’re a woman being paid 14 per cent less than your male colleague…but hey, aren’t the government working to address this imbalance?), it appears to have become a legitimate form of entertainment to slag off any woman who is dating a younger man. Now call me cynical, but for me, this b**chy stereotyping, which sadly, not only raises the issue of societal inequality, has, this week, generated a shed-load of condemnation from those who’re clearly jealous of any woman who dares to step outside of her conventional gender norms!

  Let’s take UK TV presenter Caroline Flack (39), as an example. Flack’s alleged ‘clinch,’ (yes clinch! Wow, was she snogging him back in 1975? Far out man!) with Strictly star AJ Pritchard (24), during the National Television Awards (NTAs) has some judgmental columnists surfing on a wave of self-justification salaciously labelling the poor woman ‘a serial cougar’ – and that’s a disgrace. I mean, isn’t a mature woman entitled to develop an erotic portfolio consisting only of eye candy young enough to be classed as himbos if she wants to? Or is this younger-partner trend still a pleasure reserved only for mature men? Quick…ring the cliché police!

  Look, as someone who is quite bossy and who likes to be in control, from a young age my own dating (and later my matrimonial) mantra was never to have a partner who is younger than me, for the simple reason despite the fact I have kids, and I adore them, I never actually  wanted to marry one! Besides, if I had, my vows would probably have had to include ‘till homicide do us part,’ because a younger partner would have irritated me to such an extent I’d probably have harbored felonious thoughts. But that’s just my personal choice and each to their own, and if a mature woman is attracted to a younger man, she shouldn’t be demonised for it; she should be congratulated on her new relationship. You see, I’m sick of those dour nitpickers, (you know the sort, they’re cursed with that recently sucked-on-a-lemon look),  who criticise any woman who does enjoy the company of a younger man, and whom, due to their resentful nature, see the whole cougar phenomenon as being ‘unnatural’. 

  You see girls, despite the fact it’s 2019, there are those who still believe ‘cougars’ are violating some sort of basic doctrine of evolution whereby it’s fine for a big strong financially secure male to be attracted to a beautiful younger woman because, in his eyes, she’s clearly fertile eye candy who is desperately in need of him providing for her every whim. On the other hand, it appears that older women are expected to ditch their ‘She-agra,’ allow their libido to sink to Titanic depths, swap high-rise heels for sensible comfy flats and sit at home of a weekend tweezing stray facial hairs whilst reading Pulitzer prize winning novels so at least they’ll look intelligent and fulfilled if they happen to die alone in the middle of one!

  So watch out ladies, it’s a judgmental jungle out there! However, for those of you who enjoy the company of a younger man, (providing he’s above the age of consent), my advice is to ignore the insensitivity of the begrudgers, they’re only jealous, and allow your own self-confidence to rise to the top.


Suffering from centre-of-the-universe syndrome, Azealia?


Well readers, if you’re to believe rapper Azealia Banks, we’re “a bunch of prideful inbred leprechauns” and the rest of the world’s white folk don’t want to associate with us at all “and it’s because you are barbarians”. Classy or wha?

  Well, as Ms. Banks is clearly the type of prat who skips the queue at the supermarket, overtakes you on dangerous bends and refuses to give up their seat to someone who needs it more than them on the bus, I’m going to guess she’s suffering from a serious case of ‘centre of the universe’ syndrome and suggest she gets some help…perhaps a personality transplant would suffice!

  Look, I hate to poke holes in your little ego-bucket Azealia, but, as a ‘rapper’ you’re hardly the next Nicki Minaj now are ya love? You see, prior to her foot-stamping tantrum on an Aer Lingus flight last week, I have to say I’d never heard of this brash, disrespectful, opinionated little madam, and furthermore, I won’t be disappointed if I never hear about her again. After all, readers, when an enfant terrible (with only one decent album to her name) is experiencing such disturbing lapses in judgement, the humane and adult part of me immediately morphs into generous mode, and, instead of denigrating her, I’m going to sympathetically label her as some sort of ‘tortured artiste,’ who knows no better! Bless her!


Jail low-life who posted graphic fatal crash images


I must have missed the memo informing me that society has became so brutally uncivilised and disrespectful that it’s okay to post (what I’m led to believe because I haven’t viewed them, nor do I wish to), were graphic images/video of a recently deceased person on social media sites.

  Then again, as this was allegedly the actions of one remorseless, merciless low-life degenerate voyeur who felt it was newsworthy to make public the tragic fate of a young Dublin woman who lost her life in a multi-vehicle collision on a stretch of the M50, (which I’ve travelled multiple times), we can sincerely hope it was an isolated incident.

  Now while I agree that social media platforms should block and prevent the uploading/sharing of a fellow human being’s, (who is, let’s remember, a beloved family member, a cherished partner, a friend, and a colleague, etc.,) horrific circumstances, I believe that those sick cretins who stopped to take footage, and who didn’t try to assist, are clearly defective in the socially accepted norms department. Anyone who is toxic enough to do this, should not only be fined for using their mobile phone when behind the wheel, they, and those who share such material, should be jailed for being a menace to society. My deepest and my most sincere sympathies go out to everyone who loved and cared for the young lady who lost her life in last week’s tragic incident. I also extend my deepest condolences to the family of the deceased Ballinagare gentleman who passed away last weekend. May both their souls rest in peace.