Ring road ructions

A war of words has erupted between two Castlerea area councillors over whether a proposed route for a ring road in the town of Castlerea should be included in the Roscommon draft county development plan.   As revealed exclusively in last week’s Roscommon People local Independent Cllr. Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan says that one of the two proposed routes for the ring road that went through the Demesne in the town would be totally unacceptable to him or to the vast majority of people in Castlerea.   On Monday at the AGM of the County Council Cllr. Flanagan proposed that the route option through the Demesne be erased from the plan and this proposal was seconded by Cllr. John Connor. However after Cllr. Flanagan had left the meeting the matter was again raised by Fine Gael Cllr. Michael McGreal who says that the plan should be considered in its entirety by the people of Castlerea and that it is they who should decide the route for any ring road.   Speaking to The Roscommon People on Wednesday Cllr. McGreal said: ‘The people of Castlerea should see the entire plan and then decide what is appropriate and what is not. It’s not really up to us (councillors) to decide what should be left in or taken out. These are matters for public discussion.’    Cllr. Flanagan is not happy however. ‘I wonder why Cllr. McGreal waited until I had left the meeting before he made his views known. I attended a meeting earlier that day   with all the 10 Fine Gael councillors prior to the Council AGM and I raised the matter then – so why did Cllr. McGreal not raise his objections at that stage?    ‘Then when I raised the matter at the  monthly meeting there wasn’t a word from Cllr. McGreal, which is strange. The facts of the matter are that I will not stand for this proposed route through the Demesne. The  people don’t want it either, regardless of what Cllr. McGreal says’ concluded Cllr. Flanagan.