Reynolds calls for relaxation of planning regulations

European election candidate James Reynolds has urged the Government to ease planning regulations and reduce financial levies on new house construction to help address the housing crisis.

Speaking while campaigning in Donegal, James Reynolds of the National Party emphasised the need for urgent action to lower the cost of building new homes: “Current and proposed government initiatives and tax incentives do not solve the core housing issue.

“I am calling on the Government to make two key changes to make homeownership more attainable and affordable. First, by reducing the financial contributions levied by the State on new house construction, and second, by relaxing rural planning restrictions”.

The Irish House Builders Association indicates that around 40% of the cost of building a new home goes to the Government through VAT, levies, and PAYE/PRSI charges.

“That’s €100,000 on a €250,000 house. It’s an exorbitant amount to extract from people trying to purchase a home. This significantly contributes to the unaffordability of houses,” claimed Mr Reynolds.

Reynolds pointed out the numerous costs faced by individuals, couples, and property developers aiming to build new homes.

“It is more expensive to build a house in Ireland than anywhere else in the world when all factors are considered. The Government’s take of 40% of the finished house cost is a major factor in this”.