Revive your joints with Active Joint Complex

Osteoarthritis develops as cartilage within joints deteriorates as a consequence of aging or overuse leading to inflammation, friction and joint pain. As this persists, eventually the rate at which cartilage is destroyed surpasses the rate at which the body is able to repair the damage. 

  Revive Active Joint Complex is a unique natural health supplement which takes a multifunctional approach to promoting cartilage repair, reducing inflammation and restoring joint function. Containing 5,000 mgs per serving, Peptan® Marine Collagen is scientifically proven to promote the production of cartilage tissue to help restore function and mobility to deteriorating joints. 

  Peptan® Marine Collagen is also scientifically proven to significantly reduce WOMAC joint pain scores while increasing mobility with 3 months, with even more pronounced effects within 6 months. Revive Active Joint Complex also contains 1,000 mgs of glucosamine, an essential building block in cartilage repair and maintenance, which exhibits synergistic effects with marine collagen in promoting joint health. With 100 mgs of hyaluronic acid, Revive Active Joint Complex also aids in the lubrication of cartilage and synovial fluid, allowing joints to function smoothly.

  To round of the 4 point approach to healthy joints, Revive Active Joint Complex also contains 2,000 mgs of methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), which exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to target inflammation, while improving connective tissue health. Along with vitamin C, copper and manganese, Revive Active Joint Complex is the most comprehensive formula to restore joint function and mobility to revive an active nation once again.

  Revive Active Joint Complex is available at RosMed Pharmacy on the Golf Links Road, Roscommon. For more information call 090 6665524.