Revenue Commissioners guidance on VAT issue ‘very disappointing’ says IFA

IFA Farm Business chairperson Bill O’Keeffe has said the latest guidance from the Revenue on VAT refunds is very disappointing.

“Farmers had previously qualified for a range of items, but this is no longer the case. We have always said that we must have consistency,” he said.

Last month, IFA hosted a visit on the farm of former Deputy President Brian Rushe in Kildare to view items which IFA believe should still be eligible for a VAT 58 refund.

“The Revenue officials were shown items such as meal bins, calf feeders, water piping/troughs, cubicle/slat mats and bulk tanks that are an intrinsic part of farm infrastructure and should continue to qualify for a VAT refund,” he said.

“IFA had met the Revenue Commissioners in February and made a detailed written submission, setting out why we believed certain structures should be included.

Bill O’Keeffe said that IFA would continue to lobby politicians and engage with the Revenue Commissioners.

“The Revenue have consistently said that they have not changed their interpretation of the current Statutory Instrument that governs the exemption. If that is the case, we believe that the items we focused upon during the farm visit should continue to be included for VAT refunds,” he said.