Revamping your kitchen? Here are some key kitchen trends for 2017

Like most Roscommon families, our kitchen is the heart of our home, and because of its open plan design and fabulous big windows, it’s also my favourite room and I love nothing more than sitting down first thing in the spring sunshine, mug of coffee in my hand, watching the robins and blue tits performing acrobats around the bird feeder and listening to the swans’ bugle call as they fly overhead. Absolute bliss. I can safely say I love my kitchen.

  However, the trend for 2017 demands functionality, usability, practicality and maximising every ounce of space in order for the cook to produce lashings of gourmet delights with the ease and sophistication of Mary Berry; I’m personally more of a Keith Floyd culinary artist myself. Yep, I use wine when cooking; and some of it even manages to make it into the food.

  The linear look is all in for 2017. In fact if you looked at last week’s Home of the Year on RTE you’d have noticed handle-less units were a design feature in one of the homes. This trend is popular with those who like a sleek and more modern look to their units.

  Clutter-free worktops are definitely something I can get on board with. I hate clutter and insist, (though nobody takes notice), that once used, everything is put away. I mean, we have units with shelves and compartments clearly marked with little decorative tags (too much?) for spices, jars, cans, soups and sauces and having clean and clear worktops on which to prepare the main meal not only makes the kitchen look larger, it also makes it easier for the fastidious, nit picking person who’s making your dinner!

  The kitchen colour trend du jour is for units to be in neutral earthy tones with kettles and other appliances being in copper or teal. However, only last week I managed to become uncharacteristically over-excited concerning a humble and necessary kitchen utensil when I bought the most beautiful paisley designed electric kettle in Roscommon town. It’s gorgeous and perfectly matches my feature wall.

  When it comes to the other walls, personally I love bright, vibrant colours that reflect the sun and if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a total or even partial kitchen make over right now, investing in some paint and matching utensils like cups, a kettle, a big cookie jar and a cafetier, will absolutely lift your spirits and shake off that design slump for another year.