Residents in Sonas, Cloverhill are part of our community

Residents in Sonas Cloverhill have the choice to participate in a wide range of activities and events. Activities can be done individually or in groups and according to each individual interest. In Sonas they provide residents with stimulating activities, which is an important part of a person’s recovery, convalescence and quality of life.

Day Trips

Staff in conjunction with residents and their families regularly organise fundraising events and day trips as part of their stay in the nursing home. There are options for day trips in the Sonas bus. Residents have visited King House in Roscommon, or attended the Easter parade in Roscommon and the Glenamaddy Show, the Derryglad Museum and went on a trip to the bog. The staff and residents received a warm welcome everywhere they went in Roscommon and had a lot of fun along the way.

Fundraising events

In house, residents working closely with all the staff have organised fundraising coffee mornings for the Hospice, Western Alzheimers Society, and Join Our Boys. These are causes and charities close to the hearts of residents and such events are very sociable, bringing families and friends to the nursing home. 

In-house activities

They have the indoor games, vegetable and fruit gardening, baking mornings, pet therapy, board games, reading, BBQs and garden parties in the summer. They celebrate significant birthdays and have family parties and welcome visitors all the time.

Quality of Life committee

Recently Sonas Cloverhill has initiated a Quality of Life committee in the nursing home with residents, staff and the wider community participating. The focus of the committee will be to initiate projects that will bring the community and the residents closer and focus on ensuring quality of life for all residents. Community groups are very welcome to the nursing home to initiate projects or events that the residents would like.

Physiotherapy and music

In addition, residents have in-house physiotherapy, with regular tailored exercise classes. These sessions focus on increasing body strength, body fitness and flexibility through movements and rehabilitating any resident that may have had a hip replacement, with gentle calisthenics that are adapted to the residents’ physical capabilities. In addition to improving psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and coordination, the programmes help residents to keep active and healthy.

  Sonas also have a music therapist working through a developed programme that residents can choose to engage with and they have a number of talented musicians and singers among the residents and they often have impromptu concerts and music sessions which everyone enjoys.

  So if you are in an organisation and want to engage with Sonas Cloverhill, please get in contact on 090 6628882. If you are a friend and neighbour please drop in for a visit – you will always get a warm welcome in Sonas Cloverhill.