Ray of hope for Faithleachs

The captain of the St. Faithleachs team this year is Ray Cox. It’s been a busy year for Ray, who has got married, had a son, and captained the team to another County Final!   ‘Yeah, it’s been a very busy year for me alright but it has turned out great so far, and let’s hope it can keep going until Sunday at least" he said.    Ray told the Roscommon People that it was a hard slog to get back into a final but that everyone involved has pulled together. ‘It was a huge mountain to climb ….to get back to another final, but we are here now. The management team and all the players have worked very hard and we are thrilled to be back in the final again.’   Ray says that he is delighted that the younger members of the panel are coming to the fore. "It’s (their emergence) a big addition to our team. In the match against Elphin especially they came to the fore and it was great to see. Guys like Stevie Ormsby, Martin (Reynolds) and Senan (O’Grady) at midfield and Darragh (Hussey) and Aidan (Dooney) up front are all really stepping up to the mark and the older guys are helping along too – but it’s a real team effort now and not just a few’ he said.    I put it to Ray that Faithleachs were very close to Brigids in last year’s final, a reality which should give them confidence ahead of this big test. ‘Yes, we were close to them last year and their experience told in the end but hopefully this year we will have had a bit of experience too so it will stand to us as well.’   Ray says that the Faithleachs scores are much better spread through the team this year, which is also a great bonus. ‘Last year we were relying on only one or two players to get the scores but this year it’s well spread out amongst the forwards and the midfielders, which is great’ he said.    Ray says that the St. Faithleachs club is going well now on all levels. ‘It’s been a great time at the club on and off the field with the opening of the new playing fields and the new clubhouse and now we are in our second senior final in a row. If we bring the Fahey Cup home on Sunday night it will turn a good couple of years into a great couple of years’ he concluded.