Rare super blue moon to be visible over Roscommon tonight

For the first time since 2009, stargazers in Roscommon and nationwide will get a chance to see a super blue moon in the sky over the next three nights.

According to Astronomy Ireland, this rare sight, which can be seen tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night, will not be visible over Irish skies again until 2037.

They also stated that roughly once every two or three years, there can be two full moons in one calendar month and, when this happens, the second full moon is known as a blue moon.

The moon’s distance from the Earth can vary by up to 15%, which causes a change in brightness of 30% so when a full moon occurs around the time that the moon is closest to Earth it is called a super moon, which usually occurs three times a year.

To have a blue moon occur at the same time that the full moon is a super moon is “exceedingly rare”, Astronomy Ireland says.

The best time to see the super blue moon is when it is rising and in Ireland, this happens tonight from 8.15pm, tomorrow from 8.35pm and Thursday from 8.50pm.