R Time – a new traditional music initiative for teenagers

Roscommon Arts Centre has enlisted the expertise of professional musicians Alan Kelly and Steph Germia to help establish ‘R Time’ – Roscommon traditional Irish Music Ensemble.

  We’re looking for 20 young people aged 12-19, who are already somewhat experienced traditional musicians and who would be interested in meeting and working with like-minded youngsters. During a six-week free workshop programme, Alan and Steph will work with participants, focussing on ensemble playing, composition, arrangement and both the practical and creative sides to group playing as musicians lean to play together as part of ‘R Time’.

  The workshops offer a fantastic opportunity to young Roscommon players to meet up and work together, establish musical friendships and learn some tricks of the trade from those who know!

  Limited spaces are still available, so why not contact the box office on 090-6625824 for registration details. Workshops commence on Saturday, 8th of October from 1 pm-4 pm.