Quality guaranteed at Heatplumb & Bathrooms in Longford town

Heatplumb & Bathrooms at the Townspark Industrial Estate in Longford is the sole distributor for Paradigma renewable energy products in this region.    It is part of the Ulltech solar and heating group that was formed in Ireland in 1999 to meet increasing demands for renewable forms of energy.    In contrast to the fossil fuels and to gas and oil, solar energy can be harvested in an unlimited amount and free of charge. The solar heating system on offer at Heatplum & Bathrooms converts this solar energy into usable electricity for homes.    The idea of offering ecological heating systems, with a solar collector as an integrated component, was first developed by Paradigma in the late 1980s.    Today the compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) vacuum tube collectors are amongst those that achieve the highest yields. The CPC collectors collect considerably more solar energy than traditional flat collectors during winter months when there are less hours of direct sunlight. The highly reflective mirror design, which follows the ‘thermos flask’ principle, even catches weak light beams; hardly any heat is lost.   Two concentric glass tubes form a hermetically sealed, insulated, clearance. The inner tube is provided with an environmentally friendly and highly efficient absorbtion layer on its outer service. It transforms the incoming sunlight into heat and emits very little heat. The inner tube becomes hot and the outer cladding tube remains cold.   Heatplumb & Bathrooms can be contacted on 043-40566.