Public meeting to be held in Rooskey over power outages

A public meeting will be held in Rooskey on Thursday, 11th of April to discuss a series of power cuts in the area over recent months.

Serious concern has been voiced over recurring electricity outages in the general area – affecting the village of Rooskey, as well as Kilglass/Slatta, Knockhall, and surrounding areas. This meeting has been arranged by members of the local community.

“Power outages have happened at least nine times over the past six months in these areas, often for periods of 24 hours – sometimes up to a full week”, said Cllr Tom Crosby.

“The most recent outage was last Friday night (April 5th) up to Sunday evening (April 7th), with power being restored at around 6.30 pm. Most times, no advance warning is given to the hundreds of families, the farming community, and the businesses affected, and these outages can have serious consequences for people with health problems who rely on electricity for medical aids.

“This very serious and recurring problem dates back at least two or three years, but it has got progressively worse over the last six months” he claimed.

Cllr Crosby added: “While the ESB workers on the ground do their very best and were out again in extreme weather conditions last weekend, the ESB know right well the reason behind these power cuts; they are caused by high trees falling down on the powerlines that service the general area”.

Cllr Crosby said that some of the trees in the locality are now over 80 foot high.

The public meeting will take place in the Rooskey Community Centre this Thursday, April 11th at 7.30 pm.

Cllr Crosby said that all local public representatives, ESB representatives and members of the community are invited to attend.