Public meeting on flooding in Rahara on Monday

A public meeting will be held in Rahara next Monday night, July 18th, to discuss the ongoing flooding crisis in the area.

  The meeting, which will be held in Rahara National School (9 pm), is being hosted by Tommy Carney and Mary O’Meara, two flood victims.

  Denis Naughten, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, has been invited, as have other TDs, senators and councillors.

  “The public are all invited as well,” local councillor Laurence Fallon, an Independent, said. “Certainly anybody that has been affected by the flooding would be most welcome to attend.”

  Since the beginning of the year, a round-the-clock flood-relief effort has been underway at Rahara to prevent homes from being flooded.

  The root of the problem is that Lough Funshinagh rose to 4 ft. higher than ever before over the winter, according to reports. Despite the summer arriving, it has receded by about only one and a half foot since then.

  “A solution to the problem is what we are looking for,” Cllr. Fallon said.