Proposals ‘not in best interests of Gaels’

Paul Hoare, Roscommon Gaels secretary, confirmed to the Roscommon People on Wednesday that the latest proposals put before the club in relation to future ownership of Dr. Hyde Park were rejected ‘because it was felt that they were not in the best interests of the club.’    Confirming that Roscommon Gaels have now responded with their own  proposals, Mr. Hoare said: ‘We are now awaiting a response from the Implementation Committee to our proposals.’   Mr. Hoare said that he accepted that the County Board has some ownership rights in respect of Hyde Park but added ‘so do Roscommon Gaels.’    Asked if there was a substantial difference between the proposals put forward by the Gaels and those they rejected, Mr. Hoare said ‘I don’t think there’s any major difference in them, obviously we are looking at it from the Gaels’ point of view.’    Mr. Hoare was keen to stress that Roscommon Gaels are fully in favour of the development of Dr. Hyde Park. He added that he is very confident that the impasse can be successfully addressed.     ‘Roscommon Gaels is totally in favour of the future development of Dr. Hyde Park,’ he said.    Mr. Hoare added that in the negotiations that have taken place, Roscommon Gaels are simply trying to have their input (into Hyde Park and its development) over the years appropriately reflected.   He concluded: ‘We are very confident that this issue can be resolved, that a compromise can be reached.’