Proposal to put Rossie sheep breed back on county crest

Local councillors Anthony Waldron and Liam Callaghan will support calls to put a depiction of the ‘historic’ Roscommon Sheep breed back on the county council’s crest at the next meeting of the local authority.

The councillors have confirmed this week that they will table a joint motion supporting a proposal from the Roscommon Sheep Breeders Association to “change the county crest to accurately reflect its Roscommon history and heritage”.

The breeders association, first established in 1895 – making it the first of its kind in Ireland – says the renowned Roscommon Sheep were a “large white animal with a small tuft of wool on their forehead”.

The group envisages that Roscommon Sheep, which gained notoriety throughout the world in the mid to late 1800s, will once again be recognised as a pedigree breed by the Department of Agriculture in coming years.

The group said the local breed was recognised on earlier crests and has called on Roscommon County Council to support its ongoing work by reinstating it. The breeders’ association have also called for the sheep which have “a very strong historical connection with the county” to be used in any murals or art installations that represent the animal in the county.

Cllrs Waldron and Callaghan are expected to table a joint motion at this month’s meeting of Roscommon County Council.