Prisoner 108586’s family’s unflinching courage is remarkable



As Prisoner 108586 – because, in my opinion, any nasty, grotty piece of slime who grooms and sexually abuses a child doesn’t deserve the dignity of being addressed by name (and I’m referring directly to Tom Humphries here) – settles into the rhythm of life behind bars for his stomach-churning crimes, two things sprang to mind.

  The first is his pathetically lenient two and a half year sentence at the hands of the very honourable, very capable, highly regarded professional, and clearly compassionate Judge Karen O’Connor, who has lots of experience presiding over a variety of cases. And, while I’m not qualified to make comment regarding issues relating to law, as an abuse survivor, as a mother, and as a human being, I am, quite literally appalled at the Judge’s clemency. You see, for me, this meagre slap on the wrist will go nowhere near compensating the survivor for the damage caused by a manipulative, controlling abuser’s violation. 

  That said, as this skulking worm was sent down for more than two years, he will be indefinitely subject to the Sex Offenders Act, meaning he’ll be placed on the sex offenders register. It’s little consolation.

  The second thing that struck me was the astounding and unflinching courage and dignity of Prisoner 108586’s family; especially those who contacted Gardaí and handed over three mobile phones containing the damning unsolicited sexually explicit images and messages sent from him to a child. This merciful act set this (now) young woman free from the multitude of perversions she’d endured by her ruthless abuser. It’s crucial to remember folks, that while this young woman’s identity is protected, (and rightly and deservedly so), as her polluted pervert deviant’s name is common knowledge, so too is the noble family he is associated with. However, so unshakable was this family’s duty to ensure that justice was done, they didn’t once consider ‘protecting’ their name, (as happened in my own situation).

  Prisoner 108586’s fearless former wife and her children unwaveringly placed the evidence in the hands of the Gardaí, setting in motion the events that led to the pervert whom journalist David Walsh absurdly described as a “hugely regarded” and “hugely respected” individual to be investigated, tried and convicted for the criminal that he is.

  And, as the damage and persecution planted by this pervert has been exposed, this young survivor’s crucial journey of healing can at last begin. I wish her healing, happiness and light. To the family who helped her, I bestow my sincere gratitude and my esteemed respect and admiration for your courage and fortitude for being this girl’s knights in shining armour. God bless you.

Are banks playing you for a fool, Paschal?

“We’re children of a fighting race, that never yet has known disgrace, and as we march, the foe to face, we’ll chant a soldier’s song.” This very verse of our wonderful national anthem Amhrán na bhFiann (The Soldiers’ Song…and the only national anthem I’ll proudly stand for and recognise), resonated with me last week. You see folks, we have known ‘disgrace,’ well the banks have behaved disgracefully, and, as they are the ‘foe’ we are now facing, I would urge Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe to do his job, ditch his softly, softly approach and prosecute these criminals for their illegal activities. I was nonplussed last week when Paschal was ‘briefed’ by bank CEOs, because it’s my understanding that CEOs don’t actually run banks…boards do! 

  So why weren’t these smug arrogant good-for-nothing board members also hauled up in front of the Minister for a dressing down, and why is our government pussyfooting around them? They’re playing you for a fool, Paschal!

  We have a horrendous and tragic homeless problem in this country folks, (8,374 people are without a roof over their heads), a situation that could befall any of us. So I have to ask, how many families have found themselves in this situation because of the tracker mortgage scandal? It’s time our government focused on creating and safeguarding a policy around its citizens enjoying a good quality of life and well-being and stopped indulging the breathtaking arrogance of our financial institutions.

Well done to amazing Archie!

He’s only 11 years old but already Archie Naughton has made a major impact on many people’s lives. And not just here, in our little corner of the world, but on the nation in general.

  And, last weekend as this darling little man was assisted by a group of dedicated angels from The Roscommon Harriers, (and others), to help him complete the Dublin Marathon, I thought of his proud mammy and daddy, I thought of his unbelievably cute younger brothers and I marvelled at a family who’re not only inspirational and fearless; they’re a fantastic example of resilience and everlasting hope for us all.

  Well done amazing Archie…and well done to everyone who helped make your dream come true. You don’t need or seek accolades little man, you simply need to know that, along with your family and your friends, you’ve made a huge difference. You’re a true champ.