Pride of place…

On a recent drive through Ballyleague and Lanesboro – beautiful sunshine providing a perfect backdrop – I was hugely impressed by the appearance of the entire area.

  Of course we’ve been aware for some time of the momentum there has been in that area over recent years. Voluntary groups in Ballyleague and Lanesboro have been shouting stop. And state agencies, to be fair, have not been found wanting. Now it’s all coming to glorious fruition. That was very evident to me during my recent drive. As is the norm in places with a strong sense of community, projects tend to be ongoing, one leading into another, but just now there is a sense of having arrived at a destination… the area is really looking great and the community deserves to be lauded!

  Here at the Roscommon People, we had been thinking of starting a ‘Supporting Rural Ireland’ campaign….a positive summer series. Of course we aspire, every week, to support local businesses and the wider community in general. But now we’re going to run a series in which we focus in on the fightback which is underway in our towns and villages. And what better place to start in than Ballyleague/Lanesboro?

  No more than in the case of my own village of Rooskey, I remember Ballyleague/Lanesboro as an immensely popular angling destination in years gone by, attracting visitors from all over the UK. That industry took a substantial hit, for all sorts of reasons. It is great to see top angling tournaments – an international one last weekend and a world championship later this year – now being hosted in the locality.

  Just now, there is a great buzz in this area, clear evidence of people working together. In our special feature this week, we report on a range of positive ‘good news’ stories, varying from restoration work on local buildings, to an imminent ‘Plan for Action’ for the area, to broadband provision, the hosting of festivals, enhancement of amenities and efforts to boost the local economy.

  This area is fortunate to have excellent sporting and recreational facilities across a range of sports and activities. Top class educational facilities are also in place and what an important role they play in the life of the community.

  There is also a great commitment in Ballyleague/Lanesboro to heritage, arts, tourism and the environment, and this is reflected from children attending local national schools to adult volunteers.

  The area also have top class public houses, shops and other service providers. There are a number of well established employers in the locality.

  No more than anywhere else in rural Ireland at present, it can’t be easy for small businesses to succeed in Ballyleague/Lanesboro. But with the loyal support of locals and visitors, the businesses in the area – and more and more are opening up – will surely continue to provide employment and – hopefully – to prosper and develop. 

  Take a trip out to Ballyleague/Lanesboro and see for yourself how this beautiful area is staging a great fightback ­­– undoubtedly a proud people in a place of great possibilities!