Postman Mick to retire on Christmas Eve


Popular local postman, Mick Lohan, will call time on his career this Christmas Eve following 25 years at the handlebars and behind the wheel for An Post in Ballygar and Roscommon town.

  A number of residents had been in contact with the Roscommon People in order to highlight Mick’s work ethic and community spirit throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

  The postman went above and beyond, as he delivered messages and newspapers as well as the regular post.

  Mick, who hails from Ballygar, says he’ll miss the work but is looking forward to a happy retirement.

  “I used to start work at half five each morning…but they took pity on me and then I started at a quarter past six,” Mick said as he made his way around Castlemanor in Roscommon early on Tuesday morning.

  “I do Castlemanor and then in and around Oran, Donamon and Ballinaheglish. It’s a big area but not too populated. The people are very nice…even the dogs aren’t too bad to me!

  “I’ve been working for An Post for the last 25 years. I was late into this job and I started out in Ballygar in the 1970s on a bicycle. I do a small bit of farming too,” he said.

  “I’ve enjoyed every day of the work as a postman and getting to meet new people. I’ve no plans for retirement…good health is the main thing”.

  Asked how he found working throughout the lockdown restrictions as cases continued to rise and people were forced to stay home, modest Mick played down his own essential service: “People found it hard (especially) older people…but (the work) wasn’t too bad, you just keep your distance and there’s no problem”.

  Mick said he’s “not a great man for talking” but was happy to just be a friendly everyday presence.

  “I’m looking forward to retirement but I’ll miss the job. There are a few people I’d like to thank: the late Donal O’Leary, the Lord have mercy on him. He first asked me to do the post in Ballygar…I wasn’t too fond of school at the time so I went and did it,” he said.

  “Later on, Mr. Seamus Mulhern asked me to go into Roscommon and that was it. I’d also like to thank all the colleagues I worked with over the years”.

  Mick will make his final rounds on Christmas Eve with the best wishes of residents and colleagues for a happy and healthy retirement.