Plenty of heroes close to home!

Earlier this week there was talk of ‘secret recordings’ and #BigSam was trending on Twitter. I shuddered at the thought. Luckily however, there’s nothing really sexy about third party ownership of Premier League stars and it was just a Telegraph recording of Sam Allardyce making Del Boy look honest!

  It got me thinking, however, about leaders, role models and heroes and the apparent lack of them in modern society. In truth, it has been a bad few years for heroes, with 2016 taking more than its fair share. The latest great to pass away was Arnold Palmer earlier this week.

  In fact, this week didn’t start well at all for role models with Trump and Hillary making Obama look like Mandela and cyclist, Bradley Wiggins, coming under fire for allegedly using a questionable substance.

  I’m delighted to report however, that my faith was completely restored by some local heroes closer to home.

  During a visit to Roscommon Community College this week I met inter-county stars and committed coaches. I’ve always felt that the commitment among volunteer coaches and amateur athletes is worth far more than whatever Big Sam is charging per speech. It’s also refreshing to see a genuine love for sport driving people on, rather than $10 million for the FedEx or £350,000 for sitting on an Old Trafford bench.

  Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Rory and Rooney in their pomp but there’s something so pure and inspiring about the grassroots and the volunteers who tend to them.

  Therefore, as we face into a weekend packed with SFC semi-finals, the SHC replay and of course, the All-Ireland replay, remember to turn away from Sky television in your search for heroes.