Planning to propose? Here are our guidelines



Love is all around us this Valentine’s Day, and so, if you’re planning to pop the question, take the plunge, tie the knot or get hitched this year, and are hoping to propose on February 14th, in order to make sure you get a “Yes, yes, oh yesssssss,” when you decide to plight your troth and produce that sparkler, we thought we’d offer you, what we think, is some useful advice.

  First of all remember, many people kind of expect, (or hope for), a proposal on Valentine’s Day, and many receive one, meaning it’s not really a special day any more now is it? So, in order to be original, and surprise your future life partner, you’re really going to need to up your game. And take the following into account.

  Here are our dos and don’ts.

  Do consider proposing on the eve of St. Valentine’s Day; or on the day afterwards, your partner will never expect it and it’ll be a wonderful surprise.

  Do have a plan and consider his/her personality before you go to the trouble of hiring a flash mob. If he/she’s a big drama queen who thrives on attention, then go for it. However, if they’re the private, shrinking violet type, it’s likely they’ll get creeped out, not to mention stressed out, by the leg warmer wearing kids from Fame break-dancing in the middle of the town square!

  Do ask daddy for his darling baby’s hand in marriage. Now I don’t care if the man can’t stand the sight of you; I don’t care if you feel weird and uncomfortable, asking daddy shows manners, it’s traditional and it lets him know you’re considerate and want to include your future in-laws in the whole process.

  If you book a fancy restaurant, don’t do anything cheesy like having the waiter hide the ring in a glass of champagne! Besides, why spend a fortune on a bespoke bauble and then make it sticky by dropping it into a glass of bubbly!

  Don’t ever consider proposing at another person’s wedding…it’s rude and ungracious to steal another bride and groom’s thunder.

  Do make certain you’re both one hundred per cent stone cold sober when you propose. A drunken proposal is sloppy and immature and will always have an awkward question mark hanging over it.

  Good luck.