Photo ‘rings’ a bell with readers…we think these are the eight men pictured!

We received a great response to our photo from the past, as published on this page last week (and posted on social media). This wonderful photograph was of a number of local men enjoying a game of rings and a few drinks in the famous Murray’s Bar in Knockcroghery. There was a quick response on Facebook and subsequently some readers emailed in after seeing the photo in the newspaper. While some readers identified one or two of the men in the photo, others supplied/suggested names for them all!

There isn’t total agreement however…different readers suggested different names for a few of the men, but we’ve cross-referenced the various submissions and we think this is the full line-up:

Extreme left: Mick (‘Mike’) Tarpey. Second man in (second from left)…Edward (‘Ned’) Kilduff (Ballagh). Pat Thornton (Violet Hill) is third in, Con Kearney Senior (Scregg) is fourth and Peter Geraghty (Moneymore) is extreme right, standing (with hand on the board). Now to the three (visible) seated men: Dan Connor (Mote Park), Con Kearney Junior (Scregg), Tom Ryan. It is also suggested that the photo dates from the 1960s (not the 1940s).

Thank you to everyone who responded on Facebook, by email and directly to our office.

*The two Con Kearneys were related to one another.