People Watching – January 4th



3 Things we did like this week

Trump and Santa

Now he’s really beginning to annoy us. So, just before Christmas, Donald and Melania are doing the great Christmas PR thing-y in the White House, whereby the US President and the First Lady ring children and discuss the imminent visit of Santa. The following mindboggling exchange featured.

President Trump: “Are you still a believer in Santa?”

Girl (aged 7): “Yes, sir”

President Trump: “Because at seven, that’s marginal, right?”

The girl later confirmed that she didn’t understand the word ‘marginal’ and that she does believe in Santa.

  And it seems that millions of Americans still believe in Trump!

No beds, no change

According to the INMO (Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation), the year which has just come to an end was the worst one on record for hospital overcrowding. The representative body says that 108,227 patients went without hospital beds last year – a record high.

  Until this appalling trend is reversed – and significantly so – the platitudes of the rather self-righteous Minister Harris count for nothing…in fact they are arguably insulting. 

Going back to work…

Yes, going back to work is certainly one of the ‘things’ about this week that we didn’t like. Now where exactly did that Christmas break go?


3 Things we didn’t like this week


House of the Rising Sum…

The Club Rossie Win A House in Dublin fundraiser was a massive success, and we liked that. Funds raised will go towards the strategic plan for Roscommon GAA, including the development of the Dermot Earley Centre of Excellence and progressing Hyde Park.

  And those funds? Well, after an understandably slow/steady start, the draw gained massive momentum in recent weeks – thanks in part to marketing, and also to the massive effort expended. By last weekend, over 14,000 tickets had been sold. Roscommon GAA has gained to the tune of almost €1m. Brilliant. 

A feast of soccer

Yes, we can’t wait for the GAA to return, but we enjoy our soccer too, and – as ever – the festive period didn’t disappoint, with lots of exciting action ‘cross-channel’. Not forgetting all the festive horseracing, of course. In the Premier League, Liverpool have suddenly gone into orbit, and in swashbuckling style, and the huge number of ‘Pool fans in Co. Roscommon are understandably beginning to believe that a return to the summit might just become a reality in 2019. Manchester City are really rocked, though they got back to winning ways after losing three league games out of four. The sides meet tonight. Meanwhile, in The Championship, ‘my’ team, Leeds, have managed the impressive feat of remaining top of the league while losing two games in a row. ‘Squeaky bum’ time’s starting earlier than ever…

Starting again…

A New Year began. It’s a time of renewal, of hope, of looking forward. Hopefully it will be a great year for Roscommon, Ireland, the world. Happy New Year!