People ‘very upset’ over floods response

Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy has strongly criticised the Government’s Flood Relief Fund, saying that many victims have received no support.

  “The forgotten families, farmers, business and homeowners who have been affected by the recent flooding have had very little help from the government’s Flood Relief Fund,” he said.

  Deputy Murphy said that he had been meeting with people still deeply affected by the flooding that began over five months ago.

  “There are many families, farmers, and business owners who have not yet received adequate help and in many cases no help whatsoever, in relation to flood relief funds,” he said.

  “I have met with many farmers over the past week that still has many acres of land under water or corroding into the River Shannon.

  “The farmers are very upset at the lack of emergency help that they have received and now as spring is here, they are forced to sell their livestock as they simply cannot afford to feed and house them in sheds any longer.

  “They have applied for help and in many cases received help early in the crisis but unfortunately due to the flooding still been present on lands they have no choice but to sell their stock.”

  Deputy Murphy said there were roads in Co. Roscommon still under 5 ft. of water, forcing many residents to take lengthy detours each day.

  He also called for compensation to be granted to farmers who had been forced to sell livestock because the flood waters have not receded, and who would not be able to get the land ready for silage later in the spring/summer.