Pension rights must be vindicated – Feighan

Fine Gael Deputy Frank Feighan has called on Taoiseach to ensure that Bord na Móna pensioners receive what they are owed from the company. ‘The Taoiseach has indicated that he will direct his officials to liaise with Bord na Móna in respect of this matter. But I believe that Mr. Cowen must intervene personally as Taoiseach to resolve this matter that affects 200 employees, quite a number of whom live in Roscommon, Leitrim and Longford. ‘The Bord na Móna company has been a huge economic force in the Midlands since its foundation. Its employees worked hard to build up the company and make it a success. It would be very wrong if they were to be neglected by the company now when they are in a vulnerable position, dependent on pensions for their livelihoods. ‘It is important that this matter is dealt with quickly and fairly as a matter of urgency. If Bord na Móna has failed to invest in the pension scheme over the years, its former employees should not be punished for it.’