‘Pedestrian crossing needed in Athleague village’ – Murray

Fianna Fáil local election candidate for the Athlone LEA James Murray is calling for a pedestrian crossing in the centre of Athleague village due to the continuing increase of traffic there over the last number of years.

Mr Murray said: “A pedestrian crossing in the village would be of huge benefit to pedestrians and also act as a measure to slow down traffic, which is a major problem.

“Situated on the main Roscommon to Galway N63 road, Athleague has benefited from a full makeover in 2019 with new footpaths, lighting, additional parking and services installed. It is a booming village economically with many successful businesses and this brings additional traffic.

“I am vice-chairperson of the recently renovated community centre and we see a large increase in events and bookings for meetings, including the weekly Bingo. The community would be a safer place with a pedestrian crossing.

“I understand it will require the approval of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and if elected, I will be immediately calling on Roscommon County Council to commence negotiations with TII for the new crossing.

“It was not long ago that the TII wanted to bring the 100km speed limit in closer to the village – at Centra – but they reversed their decision after local public disapproval.

“I also pledge to work on fast-tracking the much-needed extension of the footpath and new lighting at Athleague cemetery and the upgrading of the footpath at the national school, which is in poor condition and covered over by trees – thereby hazardous with leaves and debris during the winter period” concluded Mr Murray.