Pedestrian crossing needed at Cloonakilla NS

Cllr. John Naughten has called on Roscommon County Council to provide pedestrian crossings outside all schools in the county located on national primary, national secondary and regional roads. The Fine Gael councillor has placed the issue before a meeting of the council as a notice of motion in the interest of public safety. ‘There are a number of schools throughout the county that are located on extremely busy roads where both parents and pupils risk their lives on a daily basis, negotiating what is often heavy and fast moving traffic,’ explained Cllr. Naughten. ‘In particular there is an urgent need for a pedestrian crossing to be installed in the vicinity of Cloonakilla National School in Bealnamulla. The school is located on a busy section of the road, which is also on a slight bend, and many parents who walk their children to school are forced to cross unaided at this location twice a day. ‘I am urging the council to look favourably on this request for all schools in such locations but particularly at Cloonakilla NS where a pedestrian crossing is urgently required to ensure the safety of pupils,’ concluded Cllr. Naughten.