Paul Healy’s Week

“The last time that happened was probably in the late 1980’s when I was working behind the counter in a bar at Christmas.”


Social media is buzzing with less than brilliant footage of what is quickly labelled a ‘wonder goal’ by Kerry star David Clifford.

Clifford was playing for East Kerry against Mid Kerry in the Kerry County Final. I can only assume that Gaels in South and North Kerry were quaking in their non-activated boots when they saw the goal.

Clifford, who received the ball from a human being and was then briefly confronted by an opposing human being, merely moved into his Superhuman guise and lashed a remarkable shot on the turn past a goalkeeper who was still (not unreasonably) wondering what might happen next.

It was too late. It had happened. Social media viewers pretty much knew about the goal as quickly as the poor Mid Kerry ‘keeper did. What made it really special in my view is the fact that Clifford had both his feet off the ground as the ball crashed into the net. That doesn’t happen with most goals, does it? Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear an East Kerry jersey…


Later on Saturday

Passing by (no reservation), we popped into the renowned Cox’s Steakhouse in Dromod. It’s always a pleasure. Thankfully, we got a table! The relevant Covid restrictions were all in place, very well organised and adhered to.

It’s great to see businesses like Cox’s Steakhouse emerging from the wilderness of lockdown and getting back to doing what they do so well. I know that operating in the Covid era is a huge challenge for the hospitality industry. The businesses in question need our support.

I was also in Dromod’s other two fine public houses/restaurants recently (The Brandywell and The Copper Still). We wish the management and staff in both every success too.

Congratulations to Derek and family in The Copper Still. This cosy and attractive bar/restaurant has received a beautiful makeover in recent weeks, and is well worth a visit.

Meanwhile, back in Cox’s on Saturday evening, we opted for steak. Well, it is a steakhouse. And a famous one at that. The steak was great!



I hardly ever hear Brendan O’Connor on the radio, but caught parts of two interesting interviews over the weekend.

Rory O’Connor is the creator and star of ‘Rory’s stories’ – a big hit on social media – and has now written an autobiography (‘Rory’s Story: My Unexpected Journey to Self Belief’).

I haven’t seen that many of Rory’s sketches/videos – I know he was busy producing them during lockdown – and intend to catch up now.

He was a very interesting and likeable guest. Rory has recovered from gambling addiction and low self-esteem. In fact, he was in the proverbial gutter just a few years ago. Now he’s carving out a successful career in comedy. He came across as a thoroughly nice guy and it was lovely to hear how he has found happiness and peace of mind.

Finding happiness was also on the agenda for Michael Harding, a guest with Brendan on RTE Radio 1 on Sunday.

The prolific writer – now living in these parts – has yet another new book out (‘What is Beautiful in the Sky’). A little worryingly, Michael – philosopher/writer/commentator/humourist – suggested to Brendan that true happiness cannot be found on this earth. I’m paraphrasing, but Michael essentially made the point that when we experience a certain level of happiness/achievement, we invariably want more. Of course that’s a view that many people will identify with!

Although his ‘message’ can be inconsistent – part of his appeal is his constant experimentation with different religions – Michael’s generally a wonderful guest on TV/radio. Ultimately, he’s a positive man – “I’m a man of faith” he told Brendan – and a captivating, compassionate, and soothing voice – a national treasure, in fact.



There was a traffic jam at Circular Road, Roscommon at noon today. I was driving towards the office – Topline Ward’s on my left – when I noticed the traffic opposite me wasn’t moving. Interesting, well unusual certainly, for 12 o’clock on a Monday.

Then I noticed why…a car was stopped beside Norio’s/the optician’s…stopped and ‘abandoned’, and with a string of vehicles behind it.

Then I noticed why the car was stopped! The driver had got out and was helping an elderly man to cross the road. Slowly and carefully, with a smile, the lady chaperoned the slightly frail man across from town centre to the business park opposite. And the lady was in no hurry. And nobody – rightly – seemed to mind.

There were no beeping horns (can’t imagine what the response might have been in some places)…every other motorist just waited. Time stood still, kindness scoring a decisive win over the hurly-burly of 21st century life.

When she had her good deed done, the lady returned to her car to resume her journey. She drove off, with the Roscommon afternoon traffic following. This lady is our ‘Thoughtful Person of the Week’!


Later on Monday

The Virgin Media 5.30 pm News cuts to the familiar evening press conference. Dr. Ronan Glynn (who is playing a stormer in his role as Acting Chief Medical Officer) informs the media – and the nation – of the latest ‘figures’. That normally inoffensive word – ‘figures’ – is not so likeable these days!

(We surely have reached a point now where we should be having the proverbial ‘debate’ about whether or not it’s wise to continue with this daily focus on ‘the figures’ – it’s tormenting some people).

Anyways, Dr. Ronan was doing his thing, and suddenly he threw Roscommon into the mix. Dublin and Donegal are already subject to extra restrictions, and there has been speculation about the fate of Cork, Galway and one or two other counties. Unfortunately, Roscommon and Monaghan are now the subject of concern due to rising numbers of confirmed Covid-19 cases.

The text messages and tweets begin to zing around. People are alarmed. We knew Roscommon was having ‘a bad week’ on the Covid front – but are we facing a new lockdown?



I stayed up until just after 3 am watching two elderly men hurl insults at one another as a younger man tried to keep the peace.

The last time that happened was probably in the late 1980’s when I was working behind the counter in a bar at Christmas.

This time, I got their names – Donald and Joe. I’ve no idea if they’re feeling sheepish or apologetic this morning…in fact, rumour has it they’re gonna square up again!