Painless Botox at Therapie Clinic!

Revolutionary painless needles used for Botox Treatments now available exclusively at Therapie Clinic Athlone

Scared of needles? You aren’t alone, as many as 1 in every 10 people are frightened of needles, and have stated that it might put them off having treatments such as botox anti-wrinkle injections.

  The good news is – you don’t have to let that turn you off for any longer!

  Therapie Clinic are now exclusive stockists of the revolutionary painless needles that they use to administer their Botox Injections.

  Speaking on behalf of Therapie Clinic, Deirdre O’Dowd has stated: “After using these new needles now for some time, we cannot believe the difference it has made to our patient’s experience. Using these needles significantly decreases painful sensations that would be normally experienced in general anti-wrinkle treatments.

  “Our clients are finding that they’re not even red after their treatments and go back to work without anyone ever knowing what they’ve had done on their lunch break. It really is the most amazing breakthrough in the industry, it changes everything,” says Deirdre at Therapie Clinic.

  Therapie Clinic use these revolutionary painless needles that are in fact smaller in diameter than your typical diabetic needle – so you basically won’t feel a thing.

  Because these micro fine needles are so gentle, your skin won’t suffer the trauma usually associated with receiving any typical injections, leaving you not as a bruised, the injections sites on your skin far less obvious, removing all of the tell-tale signs.

  With prices as low as €140 for one area, what are you waiting for?

  Call Therapie Clinic, Garden Vale, Athlone today to book your appointment. 090 6433606,