Our tips to help you rest and de-stress this winter


‘Tis the season to wrap up and keep ourselves warm. And, while I love nothing more than sitting by an open fire, dogs draped across myself and himself as we all enjoy a hilarious comedy on d’telly – the wind and hail bashing down on the roof – I have to say, winter, with its doom and gloom, can often bring many of us down.

  Yes, when aul Jack Frost arrives, he can make this drab season one of the most dismal and stressful times of the year. 

  But it doesn’t have to be like that. Noooo! We want you, our lovely readers, to embrace the season of goodwill, shopping and Santa with gusto; and, in order to help you do that, we’ve put together a few simple strategies to get you started.

  Get off your ass and walk: Hail, rain or shine, I do my best to walk as often as I can because, while I’m out pacing the countryside I stop and chat to the cows, the sheep and the little birds I meet along the way. (Sounding a bit Mary Poppins(ish)?). I also marvel at the tranquillity and beauty of this county of ours as I try to focus on my surroundings. Yes readers, a walk can certainly put everything into perspective for a stressed out, over-worked mind.

  Early to bed: We all need a good night’s rest, so try to give yourself a half hour to switch your brain off  before bedtime by having an essential oil-infused bath. Lavender, clary sage, rose or bergamot are good for relaxing the body; however do ask your aromatherapist or doctor for advice. Alternatively, you could pop a drop of essential oil onto your pillow and read a chapter of your favourite book. That’s what I do, because I hate baths. I’m a shower person.

  Treat yourself: Do something special just for you. Buy a bar of chocolate, have a flavoured coffee and a big fat slice of cake, meet a pal for a glass of wine; but do it all without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

  Get out: Go and see a show or a play or check out the latest movie releases. Buy your ticket, leave your stress and worries at the door, go into that theatre/cinema and immerse yourself in the performance. Your head deserves to be nourished by something fun and frivolous, so please try to enjoy it…and don’t do what I do and get consumed analysing the plot!