Our carefully curated gift guide for your deserving dad




In case you forgot (!), Father’s Day, which usually falls on the third Sunday of June, (this year that’s Sunday 16th), is now upon us. Therefore, if you’re looking for inspiration regarding ways in which you could honour he-who-has-been-a-special-guiding-light-in-our-lives, but find you’re coming up with nothing, don’t fret. You’re in luck, because your favourite family newspaper has, once again, gone on a crusade, done the leg-work and come up with our carefully curated gift guide to help you present your deserving dad with the perfect pressie. No need for thanks folks, sure it’s the least we could do for your darling Papa Bear!

Jammies: He may do comfort, but who says he can’t do style. So, this year, throw out the old man’s well-worn onesie and introduce dad to Roscommon’s latest range of luxury loungewear. Trust us, if daddy plans to spend this Father’s Day relaxing in front of the telly, isn’t it best for everyone that he doesn’t do it in his stretchy t-shirt, boxers and smelly socks. After all, daddy does need to look respectable when he opens the door to your mates!

  Outdoor dining: Gentlemen, choose your weapons…it’s time to grill! If you’ve got a dad who is serious about his outdoor dining, (relax, the weather will pick up), then why not give him the tools of his trade. We’re sure he’d love some sauces, marinades, rubs, spices and dips. However, the old grill sergeant will definitely keep you in his will if you get him tongs, thermometers, a knife sharpener, an apron and a new cook book to help him whip up his own unique ‘signature dad’ feast at your next family barbie!

  For the dad who says, ‘sure I don’t need anything,’ why not get him a gift voucher for his favourite book shop, or for a round of golf. Then again, if he loves his gadgets, why not consider a gift he’d never get for himself…a luxurious smartwatch!

  If dad loves his face furniture, but mam hates the way he gets his food caught in it, grab him a beard grooming kit. To get the big boss started, give him a voucher for his local barber shop and let the professionals school him in the use of beard oil, balm, wax, trimmers, and any other hacks he’ll need to know to help keep those unruly whiskers in shape. We’re sure mam will thank you for turning your dishevelled dad into a sexy dapper dude!

  If dad’s heading off on holidays this summer, why not give the man who often sacrifices style for practicality and durability, a trendy cabin bag. As a surprise, pack it full of useful holiday goodies such as a portable phone charger, Bluetooth headphones, a travel pillow and his favourite author’s latest novel to read by the pool!