Open mike at the Melting Pot

An open mike night at the Melting Pot, Castle Street, Roscommon, is set to provide a showcase for up-and-coming talent in the region, including singing, music and poetry. The Saturday-night soirees will get underway at 7.30 pm and will run until midnight. Everyone is welcome, all ages, races and anybody with an interest in the arts. The open mike nights are being launched this Saturday night and everyone who can sing, play or dance is invited to come along. It’s not a competition or a talent show, just an opportunity for local people to get behind the mike and express themselves. Caroline Keegan is the woman behind the open mike nights at the Melting Pot. She is hoping that it will be something positive for the town and a new social avenue for young and old, those looking for an alternative scene. Among those thanked this week by Caroline Keegan were Adrian Brend, Manager of the Melting Pot and Sandra Smyth, who recently broke the ice for local musicians at the Melting Pot. She also thanked local busker Davy Fagan for his support. ‘As a local person and growing up in the town, I have over the years seen so much talent undiscovered and feel so many people have so much to offer. Arts and anything creative is so healing and this will be an opportunity for people to meet.’ The event is held in a non-alcoholic setting, but tea, coffee and soft drinks are available on the night. For further information on the open mike nights at the Melting Pot, contact Caroline Keegan on (086) 3999732.