One third of Irish Americans express interest in purchasing property in Ireland

Donald Trump’s extraordinary election as president of the United States defied all odds and whether you like him or loath him, there is one thing for certain following his election-Uncertainty for Ireland and The Irish.

            In Ireland US Companies pay billions of Euro in corporation tax every year. If Donald Trump introduces his new tax regime large numbers of US companies will leave Ireland and relocate back to the US.

He has also promised to deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, while this is largely aimed at the Hispanic nationality it does not exclude the 50,000 Irish people living in the United States without visas.

            If Trump follows through on his plans, those who are not married to an American Citizen could face deportation and Donald Trump has claimed that he will deal with this issue in his first 100 days of Presidency.

            In saying this recent press is not all doom and gloom and for the Irish Property industry it may even mean good news. REA Seamus Carthy travelled to New York in March of this year, we believed that there was a large US market that we needed to tap into. Aishleen O’Toole of REA Carthy advised that almost 60% of those surveyed said that location was influenced by their ancestral links and it was interesting to note that 55% would prefer to own a property in rural Ireland as opposed to an urban location.

            If you are considering selling your property and would like to speak to us about our contacts in the US please contact us confidentially at our Roscommon Town office at or telephone 090 663 0001.