One of those horrible performances – Maughan

 It was an ashen-faced Roscommon team manager John Maughan who emerged from the dressingroom after the game.  ‘We’re shattered after that. It was just one of those horrible performances. I have no explanation for it. I just don’t know why the hunger and application wasn’t there. We were six points up and we should have killed the game but after that we didn’t play at all. It’s very hard to accept’ he told reporters.   ‘It’s going to be very difficult to pick it up again to be honest. Even at a personal level it’s a shattering blow. There are no guarantees of victory in this game but the way we played is just so disappointing.’   John Maughan was asked whether the training trip to The Algarve was justified: ‘We did what we did in the best interests of the team. I was happy that our preparations went well. We will have to get back to the training field and carry on but we are just so disappointed by today’s performance’ he said, before heading off with his players.