Oldwood homes – better built homes

These c.2400 sq ft homes offer all the reassurances associated with concrete built homes. It is a well known fact that the more concrete elements there are in your home, the more likely you are to have a home that is strong, durable and fireproof.  Concrete homes also offer a high level of soundproofing and, importantly, concrete homes have a high re-sale value. As well as a concrete ground floor homes in phase two of Oldwood also offer concrete first floors, which will no doubt prove attractive to families seeking to minimise noise levels.  Added bonuses of concrete first floors are of course their durability when it comes to bathrooms, the ease with which they can facilitate under floor heating systems and the fact that concrete is naturally fireproof and does not require the addition of fireproofing materials.   Concrete also acts as a thermal reservoir, absorbing and retaining heat and when your radiators are turned on and emitting it back into your home when they are turned off.    When buying a new home the prospect of selling it again in the future is not something most people are thinking about but the potential re-sale value of your new home is something that you should bear in mind. This is where a well built, strong concrete home comes into its own and will prove to be a valuable asset with an impressive re-sale value.