O’Donnell likely to step down

After the game Roscommon team manager Fergal O’Donnell was typically honest in his appraisal of the game.    ‘They were a bit stronger than us. We needed to score those two goal chances but it wasn’t to be. The loss of Donie Shine was a massive one. He wasn’t playing that well but he is always capable of winning ball and he has a great presence.    ‘We were also hit with an injury to Kevin Brady so we had no luck really this year in that regard. However the lads battled away to the very end and I’m very proud of them’ he said.    On his own future as the Roscommon minor manager Fergal said: ‘It’s probably the end of the road for us (the management team) now but we will sit down and talk about it.    ‘I felt the round-robin would tell against us and it has been a very long year with a lot of games but we will look at all that in the next few weeks.’