O’Dowd ignites Graham Norton Show again!

Chris O’Dowd has done it again!

  Boyle’s most famous son has made yet another memorable appearance on Graham Norton’s unmissable chat show, broadcast last weekend.

  Film star O’Dowd – creator of the Boyle-inspired Moone Boy – utterly dominated the show, and had the host and studio audience in stitches.

  Mind you, we’re really not sure what O’Dowd’s fellow actor Jeremy Renner made of the Roscommon man’s mischevious mayhem.

  O’Dowd told some good anecdotes, ad-libbed relentlessly, generally larked about, and at one stage gave Niall Horan of One Direction a pat on the behind. 

  Overall, it was another successful, funny outing on the Norton show for the Boyle man, and sufficiently chaotic to lead to immediate social media speculation that O’Dowd may have been…as we say in Ireland…‘jarred.’

  Well, if he wasn’t, he was surely half-jarred, and good luck to him!

  The Daily Edge reported: ‘Chris appeared to be slightly half-cut when promoting his new Netflix mockumentary, Mascots.’

  Entertainment.ie reflected: ‘Poor Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, they didn’t stand a chance between Niall Horan and Chris O’Dowd getting loud and merry. Two of our most well-known ambassadors – Niall Horan of One Direction and Mullingar and Chris O’Dowd of The IT Crowd and Roscommon – were on the furry red couch with West Cork’s Graham Norton for an ‘oul chinwag.

  ‘As you’d expect, when three Irishmen get together in a foreign country, the talk immediately turns to home…O’Dowd talked about getting slagged for ordering orange juice…more than a few people seemed to point out that O’Dowd was, well, a bit tipsy. A bit more than tipsy, perhaps.’

  Evoke.ie added: ‘All anyone was talking about after last Friday’s episode of Graham Norton was the hilarious display by Chris O’Dowd.

  ‘Fans were quick to point out that Chris was very much ‘locked’ during his appearance on the show as he can be seen swigging out of a glass during the interview.’

  O’Dowd was as charming as ever and his willingness to genuinely poke fun at himself was a welcome contrast to the stilted, transparently bogus self-deprecating stories that some egotistical Hollywood stars bring to Norton’s couch.

  Jeremy Renner – watching as O’Dowd regaled us with a story about being mistaken for a waiter by Shane McGowan – looked a little bewildered, as if he had woken from a night’s sleep to find himself in the middle of a rousing Irish party. 

  ‘Twitter Chris’ – a.k.a. @ BigBoyler – hasn’t tweeted a response yet to his latest appearance with Norton, but I did notice evidence recently of his continued support for his home town, when he tweeted in advance of the Boyle/St. Brigid’s match:

‘Huge love & luck to @BoyleGAA this weekend. Big game. Massive men. No problem.’

  Ah sure, massive man yourself, Chris!