North Roscommon Athletic Club will in urgent appeal for aid

A serious search is out for new Leaders and Volunteers (Parents take note) for the North Roscommon Athletic Club, based at the newly renovated Gym in Boyle.       If the Club is to recommence, we seriously need at least 12 volunteers, to include Leaders who are willing to commit themselves to attend a Training Course and then be at a weekly training session (Wednesdays 6-7 or  8.15-9 pm) with our 79 Members, and others to roster themselves on a Rota Basis for Supervision.  Unfortunately, some of our Leaders are unable to re-commence this season due to family/work commitments, so if we are unable to secure extra leaders the club will cease to exist. The members of the committee would be deeply saddened by this but if we do not have more personnel, it would be unsafe to reconvene with such large numbers.  Please email if you can help to or