No pre-Christmas clichés yet, please!

In fairness, it’s some show!


I mean, there are SO many unique characters… different personalities, all under the one roof! All in a confined space, under the spotlight! It’s awesome, er, entertainment!


… and of course there are cameras everywhere! Every move is being followed!

Ah, indeed! I’m so with you now!

We’re talking gripping TV!

Got ya!

I was ‘glued’ to the highlights the other day… it was just awesome!

Yeah, I…

… an hour or more of TV magic… such drama, almost Orwellian! TV gold!

Okay, got you NOW!

I’ll say it again, so many characters under the one roof!


SO many different personalities! Sure, they’ll occasionally put on a united front for the cameras, but in reality, they’re at one another’s throats!


Of course as an experiment, it’s always been doomed. You get all these disparate people together in one place, under the vague premise that they can credibly sing off the same hymn sheet… you put cameras on them, invariably tensions arise, and ultimately the public cast their ruthless vote!

I know, I know…


Thing is, my friend, that’s been the Big Brother template from day one, and this current series is no different!

Big Brother? I was talking about Oireachtas TV and their Dáil highlights!


(They pause to check if former US President Donald Trump has lambasted any more judges in the last hour or so)


Well, my friend, we won’t find it ‘til…

NO! Please! TOO SOON!


No pre-Christmas clichés yet, please!


(Editor: “You can say that again”…)



I said no pre-Christmas clichés yet, please!

But there’s only 46 days to go!

I don’t want to hear any more! I went for a walk down Main Street earlier! It was crazy busy!

I’ve often wondered… is it down Main Street or UP  Main Street?

Please! My point is, the Christmas rush seems to be starting already!


I’m telling you! The crowds were something else! I had to seek a place of refuge!

I guess you mean you popped into our local for a quick pint?

Eh, yeah…

Anyways, if town is busy, that’s great!

I agree, I just got a bit of a land!

The thing about Christmas is, it more or less starts once Halloween is over!

Please, no pre-Christmas clichés!

Okay! Hey, let’s just go for a walk and savour the pre-Christmas spirit!

Sure… down Main Street or up Main Street?