No more pills – spray vitamins are here

Think of multivitamins and most of us automatically think of large difficult-to-swallow tablets, but there is a much more effective and easier way to achieve the proper daily balance of vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy lifestyle – spray vitamins. Barbara Mulkeen from Irishtown in Co. Mayo operates Healthcare International, distributing a range of Vitamist mutivitamins in spray form. Oral absorption is the fastest most effective and convenient way to get a daily dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutritional supplements. So, how did a Mayo woman come to be the Irish distributor for a range of spray vitamins? ‘I was in the UK and I bumped into an old friend who was trying to explain the benefits of oral absorption. He insisted that I listen to him. I am an angina sufferer myself and when I was first diagnosed I was given a tablet to place under my tongue. That was then replaced by a spray because it hits the arteries much faster and is more effective.’ ‘At the time I was grossly overweight and I said to my friend, ‘if they’re so wonderful will they help me to lose weight?’ Within the first month of using the weight loss programme, I noticed a difference in my clothes and that was the beginning of it. That was in the end of November 2003.’ Barbara now imports Vitamist vitamins from Mayor Pharmaceuticals in Phoenix, Arizona and is the sole independent distributor for the products in Ireland. I ask Barbara how the four-year-old business is going? ‘It’s very difficult to re-educate people because it’s very new and it takes a lot of hard work to get the message out there and let people know that there is an alternative to taking tablets. There are lots of people who can’t take tablets and people whose swallow is not good.’ The Vitamist range of vitamins contains 40 different products. ‘There are products for children, adults, over 50s, sports people, a herbal range, a health and well-being range, a weight loss range and even a range for pets!’ ‘I take Multiple 50+. It contains folic acid. People think that the only people that need to take folic acid are childbearing women, but everyone should take it.’ Barbara also referred to a recent study which highlighted the benefits of folic acid and B12 for Alzheimer patients and people with psychological problems. Oral absorption works when micro-sized beads or droplets of a nutrient or drug are absorbed through the mucosa (lining) of the mouth, and then go directly into the bloodstream due to the dense vascularisation of the oral cavity. When the microfine mist containing the drug or nutrient is sprayed into the mouth, absorption is efficient and almost instantaneous. Oral absorption is the way of the future. Products now available using the method of oral absorption include nitroglycerin for angina, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts. In relation to weight loss, Barbara tells me that one of the products helps speed up metabolism. She adds that there is no miracle cure for weight problems and said that best results are achieved when the products are coupled with moderate exercise.  Prices for the range of products are reasonable. Most products retail at €19.95 for a month’s supply. Barbara is currently talking to owners of health food shops with a view to having them stock her products. She is also finalising details with O’Brien’s new health food shop in Roscommon with a view to having them stock the spray vitamins. ‘I’ll be doing a day there for them, the selling point is the oral absorption.’ What are the most popular products? ‘One very good one is Blue Green Sea Spray for concentration. That’s a very popular one, it helps with concentration and learning difficulties and ADHD. We also have the omega oils in it and lots of complexes that would have to be bought individually.’ ‘We also do the B12 range. People that have a deficiency in B12, they have to get an injection. When they spray B12 every day it keeps the blood levels at the optimum levels.’ Barbara’s business is worked from home and her future plans include the opening of a centre for well-being and health at her home, where the focus will be on better sleep, clean air, pure water, organic skincare and spray vitamins. Barbara Mulkeen can be contacted at Bawnmore, Irishtown, Co. Mayo, telephone (094) 93 64260 or (086) 8811099 or visit her website at