No information on missing asylum seekers – Naughten

The Government has no idea of the number of asylum seekers who are going missing in Ireland, according to Fine Gael TD Denis Naughten. Responses in the Dáil by the Justice Minister to a question tabled by Deputy Naughten shows that the Department of Justice is unable to provide details of the number of asylum seekers which have left asylum accommodation and are unaccounted for by state agencies responsible for processing their applications. "While the HSE has reported that 328 migrant children have gone missing from care between 2001 and 2005, their counterparts in the Department of Justice cannot provide corresponding figures for adult asylum seekers. It is suspected that some of the people, who have gone missing may have been illegally trafficked into Ireland and forced to work in the sex industry, as has been highlighted in the recent Dutch child trafficking ring. "How can the Minister for Justice be so certain that ‘there is no appreciable human trafficking problem in Ireland ‘ when avenues which have been used by traffickers in other countries, such as the asylum process, are not being monitored in Ireland? The fact that the Minister for Justice can provide no records to the Dáil clearly indicates that there is no traceability regarding applicants under the asylum process who go missing, and shows that the system is nothing more than a sham."