No holds barred as Wrestling Club opens

I suppose when most people in Roscommon and indeed Ireland think about wrestling they think spandex, fake tan and body builders who can’t act.

  Recently, however, I was introduced to a world where fake slaps, steel chairs and ladder matches had no place: the world of Irish amateur wrestling.

  Roscommon Wrestling Club has been open on the Racecourse Road for the last few months and Club Secretary, Shabir Ahmed, says the club is busy training youngsters throughout the week. “We train Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 7 pm and 9 pm. Our wrestlers are aged from 5 – 15 years but we can host adults for fitness classes and individual training,” he said.

  The club focuses on the Greco-Roman style seen in the Olympics and boasts top class coaching from Alex Magramayev from Russia. It’s an ideal sport for youngsters wishing to keep fit and build confidence.

  In the coming month, Roscommon Wrestling Club will travel to Cavan to take part in a competition against other wrestling clubs and Shabir has confirmed that Roscommon will play host to a junior competition within the next few weeks.

  “We are hoping to have a junior competition towards at the end of May or the beginning of June. We will go to Cavan this month and hope to have other clubs come to Roscommon,” he said.

  Roscommon Wrestling Club is open on the Racecourse Road and Shabir has told me they are always looking for new members. Those wishing to join this new and exciting club can call 087-6199909.