New waste compaction system available at Casey’s

A portable waste compaction system is now available at Casey’s service station in Roscommon and is being offered to other businesses within the county. ECS Compaction Systems have developed a new waste disposal system, which is now available at Casey’s Centra. Customers may purchase tokens at the shop which will enable them to dispose of their refuse into the rotary drum and the machine will take care of the rest. Because of the ever-increasing cost of waste disposal for both commercial and domestic users, the pay to use portable service is becoming increasingly popular. The pay to use portable was designed with safety in mind. It aimed to give the customer a cleaner and cheaper option to dispose of their black bag of unwanted waste. With access to the compactor limited through the drum dispenser via tokens, coins or touchpad, it ensures everything is held within the sealed unit.  The unit will hold a maximum of 450 black bags of waste, equating to 3.75 tonnes. This is the equivalent of 30 x 1,000 litre large wheelie bins of bagged waste. Once the waste is in the unit, it cannot be removed by birds or vermin, ensuring safety, cleanliness, and keeping down expenses. The disposal of the waste is carried out by licensed waste contractors who in turn will bring it to their recycling facility to remove all recyclables before running it through a mechanical biological treatment plant.  The unit can be purchased outright from ECS or finance or leasing over three, four, or five years can be arranged. There are very few customer requirements. The machine has a capacity of 13 cubic yards. It takes up one car park space and requires three phase or single phase electricity to run the machine. For further information on the ECS Compaction Systems contact Barry on (086) 6025700.