New therapy room opens at Vita House

“More than 5 in 10 people will be cured of cancer.” That was the positive message from the Irish Cancer Society’s chief researcher, Dr. Robert O’Connor, as he opened the new complementary therapy room at Vita House on Abbey Street, Roscommon last Saturday.

  While Dr. O’Connor did admit that cancer remained a “big problem” in Roscommon and nationwide, he assured visitors to the facility that the prognosis was good as long as services like Vita House were maintained.

  He said: “This year 40,000 people will hear the words from a doctor that they have cancer and their world and that of their families will be turned upside down.

  “However, due to advances in care…6 in 10 people will be alive five years later and more than five in ten people will be cured.

  “Cancer isn’t just about the cells or the tumour. The person affected is equally important and this is where complementary therapy can be a major aid.” Dr. O’Connor urged the people of Roscommon to continue supporting Vita House and services like it.

  “We have to redouble our efforts to ensure that with treatment centres like this we don’t just treat the tumour cells but also help the patient and their family to thrive as best they can after treatment.”

  Vita House offers counselling, massage, reflexology and other complementary therapies to cancer patients and their family and friends.