New MEP Mullooly joins European Democratic Party

Ciaran Mullooly MEP has confirmed he is seeking membership of the Renew Group, having joined the European Democratic Party (EDP), a separate party within the Renew Group from the Fianna Fáil affiliated ALDE.

The Independent Ireland MEP has confirmed that he is the unanimous choice of The European Democratic Party MEPs at the European Parliament to lead that party’s agriculture portfolio in the next parliament as the crucial discussions on CAP begin.

Sandro Gozi, a prominent member of the EDP, of which Mullooly and Independent Ireland are full members; addressed by email he and his party’s support to Renew Europe leadership for MEP Mullooly, highlighting: “Mr. Mullooly’s decision to join our ranks has been met with unanimous support from all members of our party. We are confident that his values, vision, and dedication align perfectly with the principles and objectives of the European Democratic Party.

“His commitment to promoting democracy, social justice, and a more cohesive and progressive Europe makes him a valuable addition to our team”.

Gozi emphasised before citing Mullooly’s qualifications and potential contributions: “His expertise and knowledge in agriculture and rural development make him an ideal candidate for our group.

“Given his qualifications and our collective endorsement, we believe Mr. Mullooly would make a significant contribution to the Renew Europe group.”

The EDP’s unanimous support for Mullooly’s candidacy underscores his alignment with their principles and objectives, as well as his potential to significantly contribute to the Renew Europe group.