New liquid lip tint from Bourjois

Rouge hi-tech is a surprising lip tint in more ways than one! When you apply this liquid lip colour, it deposits an undetectable veil of colour without the effect of coating the lips. The lips are perfectly coloured with a natural non-shine finish. The ‘no texture’ sensation of rouge hi-tech also offers ultimate comfort. Non-sticky, its waterbased formula is fine and light. It is instantly absorbed, colouring the lips, with a delicate scent of orange blossom notes. Rouge hi-tech shows its modernity in a contemporary design and a new application technique to suit its liquid texture. A compact, feminine tube with transparent cap and base in the colour of the liquid lip colour it contains. A specially designed separate applicator for absolute ease of use. The foam applicator is designed for precise application of the lip tints. There are six fresh lip tints to enhance the lips without the heavy feel of a lipstick in six futuristic shades: Rouge futuriste hot coral; Cyber cassis fuschia pink; Rose pixel crushed raspberry; Praline digitale nearly natural brown; Groseille irréelle fresh pink and Néo caramel: golden chocolate. Priced at €10.70, Rouge hi-techi is available in local pharmacies, department stores and supermarkets.