New grant scheme to support older people in community


A new scheme for community and voluntary groups who support older people in our communities has opened for applications, Senator Maura Hopkins has said. 

  Senator Hopkins stated: “This scheme, which is being administered by the HSE, aims to support older people to remain rooted in their local communities for as long as possible. It will be made available to community and voluntary groups in our communities who run initiatives such as day care centres to support older people.

  “There is €1 million in funding available under this scheme with €250,000 aimed specifically at dementia supports. This funding recognises the vital role that these groups continue to play in our communities.

  “Projects accepted under the scheme must be in line with National Positive Ageing Strategy, the Irish National Dementia Strategy, the Carers’ Strategy and the Task Force on Loneliness.

  “Projects must meet a clearly identified new or increasing need in a community. Applications will be accepted from groups that are run entirely on a voluntary basis, or groups that have a service level agreement with the HSE”.