New E-Class at Michael Moore next week

Motorists awaiting the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class can set their clocks for April as plans for its arrival take shape. 

  Fitted with an array of standard specifications and high-tech features that puts it ahead of anything in the three-pointed-star stable and a leap ahead of its rivals in the luxury segment, it boasts what their sales manager in Ireland, Ciaran Allen, says is “a combination of stylish design, competitive pricing, standard specifications, high-tech safety and driving dynamics that redefine standards in the business-class segment.”

  Available in three style and equipment lines, Avantgarde, Exclusive, and AMG, it maintains what is Mercedes-Benz’s established price value,  whereby features that previously came only as options are now included as standard. Bringing this approach to what Ciaran Allen says is “a completely new level” – the entry level Avantgarde model will come decked with over €7,000 worth of standard features compared to the outgoing version. 

  Included in these will be Parktronic parking assist, heated front seats, full leather upholstery, reversing camera, LED static lights, satellite navigation, mirror pack, ambient lighting, storage pack, ‘through loading’ feature, seat comfort pack, alarm pack and a ‘connect me’ function. 

  Mirrored in their description of the E-Class as a ‘masterpiece of intelligence’, Mercedes-Benz has set out to give owners an insight into what motoring will be like for future generations. Showcasing a number of features that electronics and mobile technology make possible – features that may well become standard issue in the future – the new E-Class moves the era of ‘autonomous motoring’ even closer. 

  One that every motorist will applaud (optional in all markets) is a feature that allows the car to be manoeuvred remotely via a mobile phone without the driver being inside – a development likely to appeal to all who ever found themselves hemmed in within a narrow parking space and unable to gain entry to their car. 

  This movement towards ‘autonomous driving’ is seen also in systems such as Remote Parking and Drive Pilot (also optional in all markets) that demonstrate its ability to travel on ‘auto pilot’ while essential functions – such as speed control, braking, acceleration, gear changing and an ability to anticipate hazards ahead and take whatever corrective action may be necessary –are all carried out automatically.

  Join us for our new E-Class launch at Michael Moore Mercedes-Benz from the 14th-16th of April to view and test-drive the new E-Class. Call one of our Mercedes-Benz sales team today for more information on 090 6403000.