New development at Little House of Avalon

The launch of a new guesthouse, therapy oasis and MedEscape facility at the Little House of Avalon in Taughmaconnell will take place this Friday evening, August 17th at 7.30 pm. The re-developed Little House of Avalon features a new suite comprising of five double bedrooms, library, state-of-the-art water treatment area, relaxation area, luxury therapy room and exercise room which doubles up for romantic star gazing at night. The Little House of Avalon combines wholesome country charm with holistic body and cosmetic treatments, home-cooked food and a tranquil environment that seeps into your very soul.   The Little House of Avalon is owned and run by husband and wife team, Bearnairdin Ní Goíbniu and Anthony Smith. Bearnairdin’s childhood dream of settling in Ireland and building a beauty and health farm in the truest sense of the word has come true. ‘We are very careful not to call our retreat a spa, although we have everything a spa has to offer. We have a small capacity for 8 -10 guests; like this we get to know each person individually and can personally take care of all their needs. All treatments we offer are holistic. We take time to get to know the person with any ailments, worries, aches and pains – anything that could be hindering their health or goals. We offer treatments and therapies and a beautiful space to unwind and relax. The Little House of Avalon is seen by many visitors as a home away from all the hassle and hustle of everyday life.’