Need for Vita House ‘to expand services’

One of the participants at last week’s meeting in Vita House stated that it had been one of the most representative meetings that he had ever attended in Roscommon.    Nearly thirty people came together from a variety of different sectors in Roscommon to assist the coordinator of Vita House, Sr. Mary Lee and her staff to meet the ever-growing demands of the town and its environs.    It was outlined at the meeting that Vita House needs to expand to meet the needs of those who seek out its services. The cross-section of Roscommon society represented at the meeting committed themselves to helping Vita House through the formation of four working groups.    These include: Building, Finance, Fundraising and the Corporate Sector, Specific Projects, Marketing and Media and Research and Development.    Among the tasks of the working groups will be the task of raising funds to build an extension to the existing building or to come up with another solution.    One of the most interesting suggestions that emerged during the afternoons discussion was that ‘a day of building’, similar to the Niall Mellon Township Project, be undertaken.    It was emphasised by many of the participants that the profile of Vita House needed to be raised for those who may be still unaware of its importance in meeting the needs of the community, and that task is now in the hands of the Marketing and Media working group.    A new promotional DVD outlining the extensive services of Vita House was shown to the admiration of all at the meeting. Many of the participants confessed that they were completely unaware that there were so many activities and services offered by Vita House.    Certainly we are witnessing a coming of age for Vita House. It has reached out to the local community and it is has been found to be most generous in its response to the growing needs of Roscommon Town, its environs and indeed much further afield.