Naughten vents frustration with Commissioner





Deputy Denis Naughten has said that he is deeply disappointed that the Garda Commissioner “ignored his call” for Roscommon Town to retain its divisional HQ status due to its geographic location.

  Addressing Commissioner Drew Harris in Leinster House last week Denis Naughten pointed out that Roscommon Town was the most central location to base the Chief Superintendent for the new Mayo-Roscommon/Longford Division.

  Deputy Naughten also sought assurances that Superintendents currently based in District Headquarters such as Roscommon, Castlerea, Ballinasloe and Athlone would not be moved to the Divisional Headquarters.

  Responding, the Commissioner stated that he was determined that Superintendents would remain in the Districts and that they would not be accommodated in the reorganised Divisional Headquarters.

  He also assured Denis Naughten that the new divisional boundaries would not act as a barrier to Gardaí who wished to relocate back to rural counties like Roscommon and Galway.